#challengeMacky Everesting Challenge

Macky will be doing an Everesting attempt on August 3rd (his 33rd birthday!) so we are challenging all of you to do a different sort of Everesting challenge in the month leading up to his attempt!

If you haven’t heard of Everesting, basically you choose a road/trail/climb and ride it over and over until you have climbed the height of Everest (29,029 feet or 8848 meters). You can read more about Everesting here: https://everesting.cc/

But don’t worry, we’re modifying it a bit so it’s a LOT more fun. Here’s how it works.

You choose a goal for the month of July. The options are:
– Full Everest (29,029 feet/8848 meters)
– Half Everest (14,514 feet/4424 meters)
– Quarter Everest (7,257 feet/2212 meters)

You can climb this amount in as many or as few rides as you want, on any bike(s) you want, Zwift and other virtual rides count, and you DO NOT have to do it on the same trail/road/climb. This is just combined climbing for the entire month. If you meet your goal, you’ll get a prize (not sure what that prize is yet!).

Note: For those of you who are more interested in descending, we’ll accept the same monthly descending totals as well as long as you can prove your numbers (unfortunately Strava doesn’t make it as easy to see how much you descended in a ride). That being said, what goes up, must come down, so you might as well go for the climbing too 😉

There will also be prizes for most feet climbed, most social media posts tagged #challengemacky, and whatever else we feel like giving prizes for 😁.

We also created a Strava club called BEMOREAWESOME (https://bit.ly/bmastrava) so everyone can support one another during the challenge. You DO NOT have to join the club to join the challenge (you don’t even have to be on Strava to join the challenge) but we thought it would be a fun way for everyone to support one another.

If 29,029 feet in a month is too easy for you, you can take on the Mega Macky Challenge….and try to beat Macky’s Everesting time, except you can combine as many rides as you want. We won’t know what that time is until after Aug 3, but we can guarantee that you will need to find a steep hill (with no flat sections!) to pull this off.

To sign up for the #challengeMacky Everesting Challenge, fill out this form: https://bit.ly/2AmqYyc

This is a free event, but we are suggesting a $15 donation to FITaos (donate here: https://bit.ly/2BXkTsb). This is the organization that got Macky into mountain biking and they do amazing work getting kids of all backgrounds outdoors and on bikes. With the current pandemic situation, they are providing a crucial role and leading outdoor education camps in small groups, leaving an impact that can’t be understated given that school was canceled early for these kids and many of them haven’t had the opportunity to hang out with other kids for months!