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Who are we?

We’re Syd and Macky. We race bikes professionally. We live in a van. And we travel a lot — both for bike races and also sometimes just to see the world.

All that sounds glamorous, but often it’s quite the opposite. Think long nights driving around looking for a campsite. Lost baggage. Running out of money. Breakdowns. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, love and logistics is going on behind the scenes. In many ways, that effort is what makes this lifestyle rewarding. But it’s also the part that nobody sees.

For years, we’ve been getting “the question” — how do you do it? How do you do what you do? What’s the big secret?

Well, there is no big secret beyond determination, passion, and persistence. But there are a lot of small secrets, and that’s what we’ll be sharing here.

We’ve created this website, and our new Youtube Channel (make sure you subscribe!) to take you behind the scenes on our crazy life.

We’ll be sharing the real deal — what it’s like to live in a van with your significant other, how living in a van has allowed us to save money to travel internationally, and how Macky paid off $20,000 of student loan debt on a pro bike racer salary (hint, pro bike racer salaries are not known to be huge). We’ll also be sharing tips for saving money, living cheap, van-conversion-on-a-budget and, more generally, making sh*t (a.k.a. your goals and dreams and all that jazz) happen.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

We love to hear from you, feel free to connect with us on Instagram or email us at info@sydandmacky.com

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