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December Travel

How I Learned How to Learn

n the past, while I would occasionally pick up a MTB skill quickly, my learning process was a certified disaster. If I didn’t pick something up in the first session, I immediately assumed I would never figure it out.

November Travel

October Travel


I’ve been struggling to write a blog post for the past few weeks because I feel a desperate need to explain why I’ve been racing so terribly. I feel like I owe my fans, my readers, my sponsors an explanation. I feel like I owe myself an explanation.

September Travel

August Travel

All the Other Days

With racing, there are good days and bad days. What no one ever tells you, though, is that there are also a hell of a lot of “other days” that are neither totally good nor totally bad. They just kind of are.

July Travel

Crash Recap From Sun Valley Enduro Cup

On Sunday, I had what was easily the scariest mountain bike crash of my life. While I’m tempted to moan about how this year really seems to be trying to crush my soul, on this occasion I have to be thankful.

Pinkbike: On Location with Scott Enduro Cup

Syd Schulz checks in from her home mountain in Angel Fire, NM. The trails are in primo condition as she prepares for Round 2 of the Scott Enduro Cup presented by Vittoria going down this weekend, June 11-12 at Angel Fire Resort.

Crashing and Completos: EWS #1 in Valdivia, Chile

This past week was not what I was expecting. EWS races usually aren’t, but I do admit I sort of thought I had an idea of what I was getting into this year. Wrong again, oh well. This time, instead of being shocked by the sheer treachery of the tracks, I was absolutely blindsided by the amount of climbing.

10 Ways Mountain Biking Prepares You For Life

Mountain biking is basically a microcosm for real life. You crash, you fail, you get frustrated. You succeed, you achieve, you improve, you push your limits, and then maybe you crash some more. In the process, you’re constantly learning, and those lessons extend far beyond the trailhead.