The secret to installing tubeless with a floor pump (without an air compressor or charger pump)Feb 9, 2020

Are you frustrated because you can’t get your tubeless tire to seat and you don’t have an air compressor? The trick in the video below will solve all your problems (if you would rather get step-by-step text instructions, scroll below the video)! We’ve been using this trick for over 10 years and are consistently surprised […]

Building A Custom Bike From The Frame UpJan 24, 2020

In this post we’ll share everything you need to know for building a custom bike from the frame up, including step by step instructions and a list of all parts and tools needed to make it happen. This bike is a Niner Bikes JET 9 RDO, built up with Shimano XTR and Fox suspension. Step-by-step […]

Packing List for BC Bike Race!Dec 12, 2019

After racing BC Bike Race in 2019, we got a LOT of questions about what we brought with us and what we would do differently. You have to pack carefully for races like this because you have to fit all of your gear into one of the provided bags — and yes, this includes sleeping […]

Our Gear for XC Mountain Bike RacingDec 8, 2019

In this post, we’ll go over all the gear for XC mountain bike racing that you could possibly need…bike, clothing, equipment, etc. Let’s get started. THE BIKE: The typical XC race bike is a hardtail or a small travel (90 – 110mm in the rear) full-suspension bike, like the one pictured below. These days, almost […]

5 Tips for Riding Your Bike Outside All Winter (Without Freezing to Death)Dec 8, 2019

Last winter, we did the vast majority of our training outside…in Ohio. It was cold and wet, but NOT MISERABLE, because we know and practice these basic tenets of dressing for winter weather. 1. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Riding outside is always more fun than riding inside on a trainer, as […]

Listen Money Matters Podcast: How to Live in A Van (And Do What You Love)Jun 19, 2017

Two weeks ago, we got on the Listen Money Matters podcast and spilled the beans on how we make money, how much we make, and how we save money despite traveling all over to race our bikes. And how we’ve started a sponsorship course to share some of our secrets and help other mountain bikers […]

Real Talk: How to Be A Credit Card NinjaJun 16, 2017

Our top tips for using credits cards intelligently — and not going into debt! 1. Learn to think of credit card purchases as REAL purchases — just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it’s not real money. The more you can cultivate this mindset, the less issues you will have with spending money you don’t have. […]

Meet Great White The #Adventr VanMar 16, 2017

We bought Great White the Adventure Van on Craigslist in late 2014, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone we knew. A 1998 Ford E-250 cargo van previously owned by AT&T and bearing the sticker residue evidence of such. She was perfect. Which is to say, the price was right; she cost $1400. She […]